Kamille ring

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Ring size 15.0

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Kamille ring

How to wear?
Our jewelry is made to go with everything so that it can be worn every day. Due to is colorful mix of Zirconia this ring combines with almost every color and instantly creates a summer vibe to every outfit.

Height zirconia 0,2 cm / 0,08 inch - 0,4 cm / 0,16 inch

Victoire - the Collection
Victorian influences combined with the bright and happy colors of summer make the aesthetics of this collection unique. The contradictions of happy-go-lucky playfulness with the more advanced silhouettes inspired by the Victorian era strengthen each other when worn together.

Victoire welcomes summer with a flamboyant smile and in an unconventional way.

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Care instructions
All our products are made and finished in only high quality materials. We therefor advice you to carefully read our care instructions to ensure it’s receiving the best care possible for duration.

Plating can wear with exposure to abrasive substances or chemicals like the ones in cosmetic products, sunscreens, and sprays, or exposure an acidic PH / skin surface or sweat.

To ensure longevity, keep out of water for prolonged periods of time including when showering and swimming. Remove, rings before washing hands, cooking, cleaning, or applying lotions for longevity of your piece. Keep your pieces dry and clean with an abrasive-free microfiber cloth.



18K Gold plated ring with mix 14 zirconia stones
18K gold plated brass
Zirconia mix
As stones are natural products, color may vary.
Next to the ring sizes we carry in stock, we can order all rings up to ring size 21. Custom orders have a lead-time of approximately 1 month.
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