Bauwerk limewash prep-coat

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Fast to apply, matt white preparation paint specially formulated to create the ideal base coat for Bauwerk Limewash and for all common interior surfaces for new and renovation projects.

Limewash Prep-Coat is suitable for previously painted walls, concrete, and wallpaper where a fresh new surface is desirable.
Gypsum and lime plasters, gypsum plasterboards and drywall panels (even with a skim coat of plaster) or all repaired surfaces should first be prepared with a deep penetrating primer-sealer to prevent "ghosting". Ghosting is caused by the difference in absorbency between the drywall panel and the filler material for the joints and fixing points or any repaired areas.

For the above mentioned reasons most decorators prepare the surface and apply a good quality water based acrylic SEALER (minimum 2 coats, or until surface has equal absorbency) that will prevent any “ghosting” from a local manufacturer and follow their application instructions.

Colour Advice: Our Limewash Prep-Coat allows for really deep and intense colours, please be advised that some colours painted on top of the Prep-Coat may appear slightly more saturated when compared to Colour Cards.

We always recommend the use of sample pots of lime wash paint on top of the Prep-Coat for an accurate colour representation and consumption for your particular surface and light conditions.

Not required for interior surfaces such as render brick and natural absorbent surfaces.


  • very low VOC content (<1 gr/lit)
  • preservative-free
  • water-dilutable, low odor
  • free from mould causing substances
  • emission-minimized and solvent-free
  • opaque matt finish
  • easy workability
  • breathable

Note: Prep-Coat is only suitable for interior use


Approximately 0,15 lit/m2 per coat on a smooth substrate; on rough surfaces correspondingly more.


Approximately 6 m2/lit (approximately 60sqft/lit) per coat on a smooth substrate; on rough surfaces correspondingly more.

Values for coverage are to be used as a guide only, variation in quantity needed will depend on the porosity of the surface to be painted.


Limewash Prep-Coat can be sprayed, rolled or brushed on. 1 coat is usually adequate, a second coat can be applied if required. The surface should have equal suction or been prepared to have equal suction to prevent "ghosting" if a regular finish is desired.

The paint is ready to use and only needs to be stirred well.First paint the ceiling, then the walls. To avoid visible lines, start at the window and brush away from the light.

On walls with patching, stark colour variations or other inconsistencies we recommend to apply two coats of Limewash Prep-Coat. The first coat can be diluted with up to 10% clean water. Apply the last coat always undiluted.

Apply the paint evenly in varying directions, working wet on wet, in a single application.

Clean working tools with water after use.

Drying time

At +20°C (+68°F) and 65% rel. Humidity surface dry and re-coatable after 4 – 6 hours. Fully dried and cured after approx. 3 days. At lower temperatures and higher humidity, these times are longer.


Do not use below +5°C (+41°F)

Bauwerk Lime Paint is perfect for all masonry surfaces such as render, cement and bricks. It works best when it's absorbed into the wall leaving a breathable surface that is protected by the natural properties of the paint. The paint can also be used if your wall is already painted or is made of gyprock or plaster (use our undercoat/sealer to hide any imperfections, then paint the way you like it best).

Sizing / Coverage
250ml (covers +/- 0,90 m2)
1L (covers +/- 5 m2)
5L (covers +/- 20 m2)
10L (covers 40 - 50 m2)
You might need more or less, depending your wall structure and on your desired outcome.

Step 1 Wipe down walls to clear any dust or dirt.
Step 2 Apply the Bauwerk prep-coat . Do not use any other prep-coat, as this is specifically formulated for proper adhesion and setting of the lime paint*
Step 3 Once your prep-coat has set, apply your Bauwerk Colour with a Bauwerk lime paint brush, developed specifically for proper application **
Step 4 Do not cut in the lime paint - always work with a wet edge. The paint should be applied in a loose criss-cross style for a "cloud-like" appearance.
Step 5 The paint will appear darker when wet. Do not overcompensate by adding more paint. Allow wall to dry fully (min. 2 hours) before adding another coat.
Step 6 The paint cures by taking carbon dioxide from the air. Millions of micro-crystals are formed when curing occurs, creating a unique luminosity and depth of colour.

* If your walls are previously colored or are darker than the lime paint colour you will be applying, we recommend priming with a generic primer first.
** Lime paint has a much different consistency than that of other paints, which is why a brush designed for lime paint is important for proper
application. Using this brush will decrease the loose fibres left in the paint and avoid stroke lines in the final finish.

About Bauwerk
Bauwerk was created with a vision to produce exemplary modern lime paint in harmony with nature. They source the finest pigments on earth to develop a beautiful range of colors for both modern and traditional buildings. Read all about Bauwerk paint here

Use this lime wash paint brush for all smaller to medium projects with a smooth to light textured surface. Bauwerk Brushes are made from natural fibres specially sourced for lime paint application. Their unique bristle structure retains the correct amount of paint and releases it evenly across the surface during painting. This small 3×10 brush has a copper base and short bristles making it perfect for smaller jobs and cutting in.
Care Instructions

Wash out in water, always rinse towards the tip
Do not leave standing in water
Shake the brushes out after cleaning and shape the bristles into a regular form
Allow to dry upright

What else you’ll need to get started
– Lime paint
– Limewash Prep-coat (get it here)
Please note, all orders are based on pre-orders. We need an approximate of 2 weeks handling & delivery time.
See below for more information on sizing and instructions or read all about the paint here