#07 Bouquet de Fleurs - reed diffuser

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Wearing fragrance is easy—a little spritz, and you’re done. But wearing fragrance well is a whole other story.

Don’t Rub—Just Spray
Misting a little scent on your wrists and then pressing them together before reaching for your neck—is actually very bad. Why? The friction created by rubbing heats up the skin, which produces natural enzymes that change the course of the scent, causing it to lose its crispness. To preserve the integrity of your fragrance (and also ensure it lasts longer on your skin), spritz both wrists lightly, let the liquid sink in, and then do absolutely nothing at all.

Environment Is Key
When it comes to storage, perfume is almost like a living organism—it’s sensitive to environmental changes. Perfume doesn’t like going from cold to hot. Shifts in temperature set off unexpected chemical reactions within the natural ingredients, and therefore age the perfume faster. Leaving a citrus scent in the steamy bathroom, for instance, affects the freshness and can make a raw material, like patchouli, smell a little off. Ultraviolet rays can also alter a perfume’s color. Surprisingly, the best place to store fragrance is the box it originally came in, and at room temperature. If you want to go above and beyond, store one or two bottles of your signature scent in the refrigerator.

When in Doubt, Use Your Hair
Perfume doesn’t last long on dry skin. Use an unscented moisturizer under your perfume to maximize its scent and longevity. Where you put perfume matters, too. Don’t cover it up with your clothing! Instead spritz on areas exposed to the air: the pulse points of the neck and the wrists or inner elbows. The only exception is if you’re in an intensely hot climate—then it’s best to not apply the scent directly to your body. As you sweat, the natural oils of the skin can destroy your perfume faster. Here, the chic alternative is lightly misting your hair. Talk about leaving a lasting impression.

It’s 8AM and you’re strolling along your favorite Parisian market. A flower stall appears in the distance and an irresistible bouquet stares you right in the face: you have no option but to buy it. You bury your head and nose in it and smell a fresh green and floral scent, filled with crisp green and elegant rose. Flowers in hand you finally reach your favorite café: “Un café et un croissant, s’il vous plaît?”.
Top Notes: Fresh Twigs, Rose
And notes of: Water Lily, Fig, Water Mint, Calamus, Celery, Grape, Grass, Green Lime, Hyacinth, Lily, Geranium, Apple, Fir, Cucumber, Fern, Lilly of the Valley, Tansy Sap, Peony.